Outdoor Living

Lake Tahoe and the Northern Sierras are a land of striking beauty and rugged character. An M&R home is an extension of that beauty. It complements the natural world and is part of the landscape.

Custom Cabinetry

Master craftspeople lend their skill and artistry to every detail of our cabinets. Design. Materials. Finishes. Accents. Our cabinets are works of art created for you and your home.

Stone Work

The best stonemasons create artistry with stone. They create grace in form and spirit. They create strength and security. Their work extends into the distant future, where the foundations and stonework of your home live on, in perpetuity.

Beam & Log Work

Master designers and craftspeople work with you to construct a home of materials that lend their strength and vitality to the fabric of your life. Our custom woodwork can be traditional or ultra-modern; rustic or contemporary; cozy or expansive.


A fireplace is a centerpiece. They pull us in and hold us tight, bringing light and warmth into our homes. We work with you to design and construct the perfect, custom, hand-crafted fireplace for your home.


The kitchen is really the soul of most homes. It is the gathering place for humanity’s most basic ritual: the breaking of bread. A place of ideas and exchanges. Of laughs and tears. Of young and old. Of friends and family. It is the most important room in every home.
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